Kenley's Story

Since I was very young, I have had a dream deeply rooted in me: to always keep my head held high and never complain. I have developed a firm belief that nothing can stop me in achieving my aspirations. This unwavering determination has stayed with me to this day.

One time, after I looked at something on the internet and I saw that if you don’t write your own story someone else will write it for you and I decided to start with my own autobiography and here it is...

Title: Kenley: The Architect of My Destiny Chapter

1: The First Steps Towards Independence

My name is Kenley, I’m 17 and a half years old, and my life has been marked by bold choices and unwavering determination. At the age of eight, I made the decision to leave my mother’s home to be with my father, Anous, and my kind stepmother, Venante Estimas. This change was the first step towards my independence and forged my desire to never live in poverty.

Chapter 2: The Dream and the Conviction

Since I was very young, I have had a dream deeply rooted in me: to always keep my head held high and never complain. I have developed a firm belief that nothing can stop me in achieving my aspirations. This unwavering determination has stayed with me to this day.

Chapter 3: The Passion for Mathematics and the Emergence of New Interests

Among my current passions, mathematics holds a special place. I thrive in this field and am constantly expanding my knowledge. At the same time, I recently learned about photography, videography, certified in windows technique (glass installation) and camera installation. These new horizons opened the way for me towards a growing ambition: to become an architect.

Chapter 4: Family Ties and Fraternity In my family,

I have a sister and two half-brothers. Fortunately, we maintain harmonious and complicit relationships. Their support is essential in my quest for excellence and autonomy.

Chapter 5: Education and Love for Foreign Languages

I am about to finish my classical studies at the Institution Source de l’Instruction Moderne (ISIM). Learning foreign languages, particularly English, particularly excites me. Although I am still a beginner, I am striving to progress and master this language with ease.

Chapter 6: Passions and Pastimes

Basketball plays an important role in my life. I appreciate the dynamism and team spirit that Basketball conveys. However, this does not stop me from playing football, because I am also passionate about this sport. Dancing is another passion of mine, although it doesn’t seem to reciprocate. Nevertheless, I continue to explore this art with curiosity.

Chapter 7: Teamwork and Love of the Word

Working as a team with my classmates is an experience that excites me. I appreciate the exchanges and synergy that are created during these collaborations. Paradoxically, I also like spending time alone, because it is in silence that I find my personal fulfillment. Speech is my ally, and I often engage in inner conversations that motivate me to never depend on others.

Chapter 8: The Big Stories and the Big Challenges

I enjoy reading the stories of the great people who marked history. This allows me to inspire myself and position myself as one of them. I love challenges and I constantly compete with myself to evolve and grow. Comparison with others does not interest me, because I prefer to measure myself against the person I was yesterday and observe my own evolution.

Conclusion: A Path to Personal Fulfillment

My journey so far has been shaped by my determination to never live in poverty and to hold my head high. I am passionate about mathematics, windows technology, photography and videography, with the dream of becoming an architect. My family relationships are harmonious, and I derive satisfaction from my sporting and artistic passions. I like working in a team, but I also attach great importance to autonomy. I thrive on great stories and great challenges to build my own destiny, without comparing myself to others. So, I am proud of the person I was and the person I have become.


What has the Rev program done for you, Kenley?

Before I start let me congratulate you for this question Madam Jayme…

When I was younger or I could say I was not in the Dream program, I was a really lonely person, a person who is always alone is a bit selfish, which means that he only sees his well-being but ignores others… But when I arrived at the Dream program, I learned to make friends and have fun with my projects thanks to the Mentors.

Thanks to the team games we play, A team spirit began to develop in me. Those games also gave me a path to leadership in my home.

Mr. Sajous taught me how I can be a leader and take some responsibility even if it is difficult to take and how to pursue your dreams step by step, so you don’t let go.

Mr. Jacky to always trust God and surrender to him because he knows everything He is doing and He has a plan for each of us living on earth but only if you trust him to achieve it.

Mr. Junior taught me how I can be comfortable when I speak in public and how not to be afraid of what anyone thinks.

And finally I learned from you, Mrs. Jayme, love for your neighbor, believe in your goals and courage… you showed me that even if you were black, white, red, yellow, brown some color of your skin is just a color it is, but we are all the same, we still have the same red liquid in our veins…

and finally Madam Jayme, I learned from you that I must make sacrifices for my needs and learn to help those in need…

let me ask you this small question, do you know a word that is stronger or more powerful than “thank you” that I could use to just make a simple conclusion of what I was saying please??


Kenley Joined the Rev program the fall of 2022

We look forward to watching him grow in his faith and his determination to make a difference in the world over the next several years.

Kenley is currently in NS2 which is similar to our 10th grade.

Because of the Reach Out Lafond Donors, he was able to attend school last year and will continue until he graduates.

You can impact Haiti by raising up Godly, ethical leaders, like Kenley!