REv (Dream) Students

Girls just want to DREAM!  These girls come from the small tent city in the middle of Port au Prince.  But their dreams aren’t small at all!  

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Gadena loves her country. If she could change one thing it would be that people were safe when they went in the streets.
Gadena Jean Louis
Future Doctor
Guiveline lives with her mom and dad and loves school. She hopes one day her country will be a place young people can live a good life without so many problems.
Guiveline Toussaint
future Nurse
Mialy loves Haitian Art and Haitian food. She has big dreams for her country and dreams of becoming Mayor one day so that she can instill those changes!
Maily Melanda Henry
future Mayor

REv (Dream) students

They say boys our age are nothing but trouble.  But we are here to prove them wrong!  We might come from a tent/shelter city, the hood or from the mountain top… But we are the same.  We all want a chance to change our future, to change our country.  We want to dream!

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Jean Gilber is so thankful he has a sponsor!
Jean Gilbert Emile
future Doctor
Wensley loves the tropical climate in Haiti but if he could change anything he would work to make it a safer place to live.
Wensley Jean
Future Doctor
Coby loves his country but if he could change it he would make it more beautiful and he would work to clear out the gangs.
Coby Jacson Monfort
Future Leader