sponsor a Child!

At Reach Out Lafond we believe families should not be separated just because they are poor. You can help a child go to school while staying in their home!

Families deserve to be together.  Children deserve a loving home AND an education.

My name is Marline, I live with my mom and my two sisters in the mountains high above Petit Goave, Haiti.
Marline Durantil
5th grade
My name is Dieuverson, I live with my mom and three sisters! I love to study French.
Dieuverson Lorassaint
2nd grade
I live with my Aunt and my Brother in Lafond. And I love to eat Corn meal gruel.
Ely Rood Chrisley
1st grade

Sponsor a child

Be the prevention!  YOU can prevent a child from falling into childhood slavery, a life in the streets or split from their family to be sent to an orphanage. 

I live with my mom, 3 bothers and my sister! I love when my mom makes rice with meat!
Vyoline Louis Charles
Prek 4
I live with my mom and dad & sister and brother. With your help I can enter school this year!
Ketialove Jacques
prek 3
My name is Estvenson, I live with my mom and three brothers. I really like Yams and Plantains.
Estevenson Batisme
Prek 3