How do we feed over 500 kids each week?

With the help of our donors of course!  Our donors feed the kids in Lafond 2 times each week!  This cost us around $1400 each month.  Wouldn’t you love to help?  you can set up a monthly payment or give a one time gift by clicking below.

The Rev (Dream) Program

Our donors team up with us to inspire the Rev students to dream big and become world changers!  Students are sponsored for school, given tutoring and taught problem solving skills, life skills, bible, English and so much more.  They are the  future leaders of Haiti. And they are ready to be part of the change.

Junior and Jayme

Junior and Jayme are fulltime missionaries with Reach Out Lafond.  They are working to inspire the young, keep families together and start sustainable initiatives. Financial partnership is vital! If your convictions line up with theirs they would love for you to join their team!