80% of Haitian youth drop out of school by the end of elementary.

ROL offers programing that keeps children in school and empowers them in life skills, leadership and seeing and REACHING their full potential!

The Rev Program

Rev means to dream in Haitian Creole, We are inspiring young people in Hait to dream dreams.  We are nurturing those dreams and developing Leaders who will  be the change they want to see in their country.  We are raising up a generation of Nation Changers!

Sponsor a Rev Student!

Our High School Rev students are the future of Haiti.  They are taught critical thinking and problem solving skills and are trained in leadership.  

This next generation will change Haiti from the inside!  

Some will be Leaders in the world of Construction, making houses safer to endure earthquakes. Some will be leaders in Ergonmics to change farming and deforistization practices  to help the country resist mud slides in tropical storms.  Some will be leaders in Government to change the welfare of the country.  And all of them will be leaders in their homes!

Support the Lunch Program

Imagine as a child coming to school hungry and ony having 5 cents in your pocket to buy a sucker at lunch time. 

This is the case for many of the children in Lafond.

Through the support of our donors over 4000 lunches are given free each month!  AND the school is able to hire 6 part time workers! 

Elementary Sponsorship

Nelson Mandela said ~ Without education, your children can never really meet the challenges they face.  So it is vital to educate children and explain that they should play a role in their country. We agree!