Hurricane Matthew Update #2

Update from Executive Director, Jayme Hazen on our community during Hurricane Matthew:
I know you are all wondering about how your children and their families are.  While I cannot say that it was easy for them, I can tell you we were told there was no loss of life in LaFond.
Pastor is anxious to drive up to LaFond and has told me he will try to go up the mountain tomorrow. PLEASE pray for him as the road is not safe, but he is committed to his community and is putting their needs above his own safety.
What we know now:
  • The school lost part of its roof.
  • The church has lost part of its roof.
  • Many homes have lost their roofs.
  • Trees were up rooted, and tops broken off.
  • The farmers completely lost their crops just as harvest time has begun.
As you may or may not know food is already scarce in Haiti, and with so many who have lost their harvest this loss is devastating. The next year is going to be very tough.  It is pertinent that we raise the funds to not only offer immediate disaster relief but also long term disaster relief!
God Bless you all and God bless Haiti!

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