Reach Out LaFond's Mission

“To provide education to children in their own community allowing them to have a hope for their future while being able to stay at home with their family.” 

Our Key Initiatives

Reach Out: LaFond is committed to working along side our Haitian brothers and sisters to create a sustainable community.

Sponsor a Kid

Sponsor a child so that they can receive a better education. Our goal is to work to prevent childhood slavery by standing alongside schools in the rural mountain areas to educate the children of Haiti.  Education is the best prevention for childhood slavery.

Lunch Feeding Programs

Currently, we have more than 500 children attending school and many come to school hungry and leave hungry. Our organization wants to change this. 

Per day it costs 30 cents to feed 1 child and to feed 500 children it costs $160 a day. 

School Cafeteria

We are continuing to build the cafeteria that is not only a clean place for our ladies to cook in but a place where our children can sit and eat together. The cafeteria will be able to hold 135  students at a time. We are continuing to build and donations are currently going to building the roof.

Mission Trips

Mission trips allow people from all over the world to come together to make a difference and share God’s love.