Hurricane Matthew Update

Update from Jayme Hazen on our LaFond community during Hurricane Matthew:
School was closed today as effects of the storm began to hit already this morning.  LaFond has received rain almost all day, and the winds are now picking up.  The eye of the storm is set to hit the island around 2 am.  It is a slow moving storm and has remained a Cat 4 Hurricane.  Haiti is expected to get anywhere from 20 – 40 inches of rain and sustained winds of over 130 miles an hour.
School will remain closed until the storm has passed.  Our teacher are all up in LaFond and are communicating with Pastor Jacques below.  Already tree tops have begun to break, we fear houses, and possibly the school and our new church will be damaged.  And we are facing the sad realization that their bean crops are going to be devastated. Without these crops the farmers will have no source of income for the next 6 months as they grow the next harvest.  This will be debilitating to the community.
Hurricane Matthew will be the most devastating storm to hit Haiti since the earthquake in 2010.

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