Mission Work. To Make a Difference. To Share God's Love.

Are you interested in attending one of our mission trips or would like to set up a mission trip for your organization? Email us at reachoutlafond@gmail.com and we will set up a call with you to explain the details and get something set up. We are always looking for ways to bring people together, have them learn about Haiti and be part of our community. 


“Before going with Reach Out, I had been to Haiti a couple times and was looking for a new company that would allow me to connect with the culture while I work. That is exactly what Reach Out does for volunteers.¬†Going to a foreign country can be frightening and uncomfortable for some because you are away from home. Whenever I go with Reach Out, I feel more and more at home each trip. Jayme has created a sense of family within each team (as I have gone back with her every time since) and the idea to connect with the people in tandem with providing our hands. We don’t want to be the team that comes in, does the work, and leaves without a single memory of our presence besides the material product. We are the team that comes to work alongside Haitians, learns the language through conversation, explores the culture, and laughs consistently, leaving an emotional memory alongside the material one. We make connections so that when we return, they are just as excited to have us there as we are to be back.¬†Going with Reach Out has opened more doors for me than I would have ever thought, and I have been addicted to jumping on the plane to go back with them ever since!” – Jessica Scovel, Trips July 2015, February 2016, July 2016