We became sponsors because our friend Jayme told my husband and I about this opportunity. Education is so important and yet so many go without. We talked about it and felt like God was urging us to focus on something bigger than ourselves.

Being a sponsor has impacted our lives in a great way. There is so much joy in knowing that this young man will have a chance because of this education. Watching him grow through photos is quite a highlight for us too. More importantly though it is humbling. It helps us to remember that no matter what we have going on, we need to find joy in all things as the Haitian people do. They may not have much, but they are so happy. We have learned a lot about the Haitian culture from this as well.

It is so important to be a sponsor because sometimes we settle into a selfish routine where everything is all about us. Being Lorfransky’s sponsor has reminded us that there is a bigger picture and we need to help wherever we can to make the world a better place.

God Bless Reach Out and the beautiful village of LaFond!

-Amanda Horton