Sponsor a Child


According to the Global Slavery Index, Haiti is eighth in the world for child slavery.  A childhood slave is known as a restavek. Many families, especially in the rural areas, cannot afford to send their children to school. So, in hope for a better life for the child, families send their children to live with wealthy families in the city. In many situations, children do chores around the home if, in exchange, the wealthy family will pay for the child’s schooling.  Unfortunately, in most cases children become slaves, or restaveks, in the home and never have the opportunity to go to school. Many of these children are beaten, malnourished or sexually abused. If there was not a school in LaFond, children would have a greater chance of either not being able to attend school, or of becoming a restavek–the child being shipped off to a new family with a hollowed sense of hope for an education and an improved life.


Sponsor a child so that they can receive a better education. Our goal is to work to prevent childhood slavery by standing alongside schools in the rural mountain areas to educate the children of Haiti.  Education is the best prevention for childhood slavery.

If you would like to sponsor a child, you can choose to pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually. The cost is $15 per month and covers a child’s school books, uniform and any medical expenses they may have. 


How to Sponsor A Child?


Please contact the Reach Out team reachoutlafond@gmail.comClick here to see the children that currently need sponsors.