REv (Dream) Students

Girls just want to DREAM!  These girls all come from the small village of Lafond in the Palm Mountain above Petit Goave Haiti.  But their dreams aren’t small at all!  

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I'm thankful for Reach Out Lafond and what the Rev Program is offering.
High school will be hard but with the turtors help, I know I will do well. I would love to attend Universtity one day.
Isnage Michel
Future Leader
I'm excited to be part of the Rev program. I am looking forward to be able to see the history museums and other sites in my country.
One day I would like to go to Universtity to become lawyer!
Michelda Bonhomme
future lawyer
I am one of three children. I'm thankful for the help I am getting to be able to attend Secondary school. But more than that I'm thankful for the support system the Rev program is providing.
Angeline Beauvoir
future business woman

REv (Dream) students

They say boys our age are nothing but trouble.  But we are here to prove them wrong!  We might come from a tent/shelter city the hood or from the mountain top… But we are the same.  We all want a chance to change our future, to change our country.  We want to dream!

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When I first heard about the Rev program I became very excited. It is not easy where I live. I am doing my best to make my mom proud of me. It has been a burden and a sacrifice for my mom to send me to school. I know the Rev program will give me the tools I need to succeed.
Samanuel Confident
Future leader
I live in a rough neighborhood. I've learned how to survive but I want to learn how to live for my future. I'm thankful to have Reach Out and the Rev Program their to support me. I hope one day to attend University.
Maccaverly Wilson
Future world changer
I come from the small village of Lafond. Although its popular for people to push you to be a doctor, I really enjoy music. I'm thankful for the Rev Program where I am safe and even encouraged to dream.
jacques Emmanuel
future music producer