At Reach Out we Dream Big!

We dream of a world where kids are not seperated from their family because of their parents income. No poverty orphans, no street kids, no kids given into slave labor in hopes for education.  

We dream of a world where teenagers don’t have to drop out of school and end up in the streets, hustling just to get by.

our ministries

Rev Program

only 20 percent of High school age kids attend school. 

The Rev Students are sponosed for school. 

But the receive  so much more! 

In our after school program   We are training up leaders with Godly values.  

We are inspiring young people to break the chains of poverty.

elementary program

In Haiti its been too easy for orphanages to pull kids out of their homes in order to give a child  “Proper schooling”

We believe the family home is the best place for a child to be raised.

So we sponsor children for school in a way that allows them to stay with their families.

Lunch program

 Have you ever sat in a meeting when your stomach began to growl?

Do you remember how hard it was to concentrate?

When children are hungry it becomes very difficult for them to concentrate as well.

Full belly = concetration

our missionaries!

Junior and Jayme Sinsmyr

Our missionaries Junior and Jayme not only work with the kids in our programs, they also each use their skills to mininster to those in need through dental care and massage therapy.

Junior Sinsmyr

Junior has worked in ministery from the time he was 17. Over the past 23 years He has worked along side hundreds of people, sharing his love for his country with them.

Jayme Sinsmyr

After traveling to Haiti 16 times and leading teams for Reach Out Lafond she made Haiti her home New Years Eve of 2018.

As missionaries this is Junior’s and Jayme’s full time jobs.  Wouldn’t you love to partner with them?  

To be a monthly partner with Junior and Jayme click the Donate button below! 

Join us in Haiti!

medical teams

No matter the team type we want to have you work with our kids!  

Train our Rev Students in CPR or first aid.  

show them how to bandage a wound. 

construction teams

Dreaming of helping out through construction? 

We’d love to have you teach our students in the process!


bible/training teams

Do you have a heart to share Jesus through VBS, or other evangelical efforts? 

Bring a something fun to teach our kids as well!

Teaching kids to dream
Watching them
reach new